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March 28, 2018  

Episode 17: Jon Dwoskin

March 28, 2018

Jon Dwoskin, executive coach and Founder & CEO of the Jon Dwoskin Experiencehas faced several life-altering challenges. From being diagnosed with dyslexia in his early 30s to surviving testicular cancer, Jon realized early on that life is short and decided to follow his dreams.

Jon's passion for helping others began when he was just 18 years old and his father gave him Brian Tracy’s audiotape series called The Psychology of Success. Ever since, Jon knew deep down that he wanted to help others grow, but it wasn't until he faced his own mortality that he decided to chase his dreams. After a successful career in real estate, Jon decided to build a business around being himself. In 2015, he launched the Jon Dwoskin Experience to help businesses and people grow, focus, and effectively execute. 

On today's episode, Jon shares his raw, vulnerable life story and the important lessons on values, passion, and inner strength he's learned along the way.